Climate Woke is a project of the Center for Cultural Power that centers the intersection of Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty for global transition.

BIPOC communities have a long history of addressing crisis and oppression through communal cultural practices that have sustained generations. BIPOC climate activists speak the language of those most directly affected by climate disasters and translate complex climate science to real-life outcomes, situations, and moments.

Climate Woke strategically advances the work of Black and Indigenous artists, activists, and culture bearers in mainstream media.




Our climate activism is rooted in intentional partnership with Black and Indigenous communities and focused on intersectional social justice issues.

Support Authentic Climate Narratives in Media & Entertainment

We work to amplify the reality of the climate crisis, and environmental justice solutions through film, screenwriting, and social media.

Build BIPOC Visibility in Climate Justice

Centering the voices of climate leaders of the global majority who are disproportionately affected and environmentally displaced by the climate crises, we fight for land rematriation and against environmental racism.
The Center for Cultural Power is a cultural strategy nonprofit that activates and mobilizes BIPOC artists to envision a world in which cultural, economic and political power are distributed equitably, and where all human beings can live in harmony with nature.
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